Types of Protection Available From Bulletproof Vests

bulletproof vest

Do you think about tactical plate carrier and other tactical equipment? For most people, they really don’t take the time to think about such things and yet they can be some of the most important items. With the right type of protection you can potentially stop a bullet and that might reduce the risk of any fatalities. Police and soldiers absolutely require the best protection since they are the ones who put their lives on the line for us today. Read on to find the type of bulletproof vests available.

Level Four Body Armor

The hard body armor or level four body armor has really served a lot of people well over the last few years alone. This type of body armor is quite tough and thick, over ten millimeters at the very least so you’re getting quite a heavy body armor option here. You will find it’s quite effective and it’s often one that is rarely seen by police officers. However, for heavy combat, this is the ideal solution and, even though it’s not the best body armor to have in warm weather, it’ll help to say the least. You can’t really conceal this though but again, most people don’t have to conceal it. You might have some trouble attaching your chest rig though depending on how heavy the body armor is.

Level Three Body Armor

There are two types of level three body armor. The first is really a bulletproof vest which will be quite thick but often uncomfortable to wear. That is unfortunate because they can protect a lot of people. However, putting that to one side, you are going to find it’s not easy to conceal this body armor either. When you are in close quarters, the vest can really help take a bit part of the impact from bullets traveling at speed. With level-three-A body armor vests, you are going to find that it can stop a nine millimeter bullet which is impressive. It is around eight to ten millimeters thick and it really does bring in a lot of protection, more so than the standard level-three type. The tactical plate carrier is like this, it’s strong and really impressive.

Level Two a Body Armor Vests

This type of vest is used on a daily basis for a lot of police officers around the world. The level-two-A body armor vest can actually stop a nine millimeter bullet at speed which is perfect and it can take quite a lot to say the least. The great thing about this vest is that it can be easily concealed which is ideal in a variety of situations. You could wear a chest rig over this if you really had to and it’s fairly comfortable to wear.

Level One

bulletproof vestMany people adore the level-one body armor vest simply because it’s strong, effective, and highly impressive! It is very thick and, as such, it might be able to stop a thirty-eight special at a certain distance too. That is really quite impressive and not something which is often seen. However, this is used for rioting and even with paint balling so it does have its uses. Users can get more movement with these vests and usually are fair comfy to wear. The tactical plate carrier and other equipment such as this really need to be strong and it doesn’t disappoint.Learn some tips from http://home.nzcity.co.nz/news/article.aspx?id=254178&fm=newsmain,nrhl

Get Protected

Bulletproof vests are vitally important for those who are facing dangerous situations each and every day. How many times have people been hurt simply because they weren’t protected with the right equipment? It’s not right and it shouldn’t be happening either. With the right equipment and gear, people can remain a bit safer. You can use a chest rig and bulletproof vest to make your job easier.