Law Enforcement Gear – Are They Really Necessary?

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Do people really need a chest rig? Can we survive without tactical plate carriers and night vision goggles? For most people, they absolutely think law enforcement gear is unnecessary and that it is there to cause more trouble than anything else. You cannot blame people for thinking police are too heavy handed at times but while there are one or two who might be too heavy handed, there are real situations which tactical gear and equipment is very much needed. So, is law enforcement gear really a necessity today and, if so, why?

Dangerous Situations on the Street

You have to remember that, while most people are law abiding and would never do anything to put others at risk, there are a small number of people who do the opposite. However, minor situations can turn very nasty and soon violence erupts and if something isn’t done to stop it, it’ll spiral out of control. Unfortunately, when police gets involved, it can be a difficult situation for everyone. However, what would happen if a mob of youths or even grown men with bats, guns and stun guns attached the police? What if the police didn’t have any law enforcement gear such as a bulletproof vest? They could be seriously hurt and that is why law enforcement gear is needed. Maybe a tactical plate carrier isn’t needed but everyday equipment is.View website at

Injuries Aplenty

There is no doubt police are not the best friend of every individual out there. Thousands distrust police and you cannot fault those individuals as there are one or two bad apples among the good ones. However, would you really want to see a police officer get hurt for doing nothing? For trying to protect a citizen from a dangerous mugger or someone who pulled a gun to rob a convenience store? Of course you wouldn’t, but without the necessary law enforcement gear, it can happen. However, when you have safety gear and protection it can prevent an officer from being seriously hurt and it can be a protection for everyday people too. It might not seem that way but it is. Of course, a chest rig isn’t used but there are plenty of other items which can be used.

Law Enforcement Gear Is Needed

bullet proofDespite what so many believe, it has become a necessity to ensure law enforcement officers and personnel have the best equipment with them at all times. It can be the difference between life and death and no one wants to see a death. While a tactical plate carrier might not be necessary at times, other things such as bulletproof vests can be. Officers need protection when they are responding to burglary calls and even domestics. You wouldn’t think police officers or law enforcement officers would need protection when they go to a domestic call out and yet it’s vital.Checkout more information from

Staying Safe

Who wants to see law enforcement officers or personnel hurt? They are there to do a job and like a man or women on the streets, no one deserves to be hurt. Unfortunately, there are far too many people out there who want to hurt people, no matter who they are or what their profession is. When police respond to the calls they have to ensure they are protected at all times. This is a must, especially when it comes to responding to the simplest of calls. While a chest rig might not be needed now, bulletproof vests are very much required.