Differences Between Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers And Tactical Vests

Choosing among chest rigs, plate carrier and tactical vest can be cumbersome for people joining tactical training, airsoft or prepping. We are going to delve into each of them separately to help you understand it better.

Tactical vests are zipped vests down the front with MOLLE all over, they sometimes have pouches and compartments that will hug you tightly thereby allowing you space to attach more accessories and also store your gear. A tactical vest is a lifesaver as it protects the user’s torso, lower back and shoulders.

Chest rigs are essential for you if you don’t carry lots of stuff since they are barebone that carries a few mag pouches depending on the size. They are specifically best for assault gear.it is designed to help you carry your combat kit, grenades, tools, rifle magazines and medical kit. It is known to be versatile and efficient thus suiting everyone’s needs,


Plate carriers usually hold ballistic plates that stop bullets and are usually bulky but also has space for more mugs. Plate carriers are designed to carry armours and are usually heavier than chest rigs

The appearance is a major difference, chest rigs, plate carriers and tactical vests are all different in appearance.

Their purpose and usage are different in that chest rigs carry essential supplies and water while plate carriers carry armour normally either hard or soft plate.

Chest rigs are generally lighter than plate carriers since they only carry water bottle and other supplies while plate carriers carry ceramics and steel plate which in essence could heat up your body faster than a chest rig

It is possible to wear both the chest rig and plate carriers and still feel comfortable, actually, military marines often wear chest rigs over plate carriers.

Tactical vests are slightly different from plate carriers and chest rigs. They are mostly supposed to be life savers but when in a full combat you expect it to be very heavy. this often makes them more uncomfortable to use than chest rigs.

What should you consider when buying these items?

  • The size

The sizes are vast in the market go for the size you feel most comfortable in.

  • The material

The material used to make them should be durable as you may need it more often.

  • The space

They are all being used to carry either supplies or armours, ensure you can stack more items for your journey.

  • Safety

This is essential with chest rigs, plate carriers and tactical vest since military marines also use them more. They protect against the enemy.

  • The comfort

At the end of the day all this thing should be comfortable and if you can get those with padded cross back shoulder straps on your shoulders thus protecting the strain you’re back the better for you.

  • The colour

Although this is not a major factor some people consider it. It is advisable to use the environment you are going to as a determinant in that the desert could use a coyote brown while woodland use green colour or Multicam though this implies the need to pay for the licence.